zaterdag 9 april 2011

Volleybal Toernooi en HELP JAPAN.

Dress-to-impress volleybal toernooi zondag! Thema:net als in de film. Mijn team:Karate Kid. Tevens verzoek om Japan te helpen via rode kruis website ( en giro 6868. Japan heeft onze hulp nodig! Oja, 13:00 eerste wedstrijd in Westerwatering sporthal, voor de duizenden fans... Tot morgen!



zondag 3 april 2011

The eagle has landed. Thank god.

Yeah! We are back home! What a flight. They warned for turbulence due to bad weather near the caspian sea, they were right. Almost 2 hours of heavy turbulence, made some people feel very sick. Sheila beat a new record with using three bags for flight illness. Luckily I did not feel hungry, so did not eat much, so felt not sick and had no problems,thus I appear not in the high score at all :-)… but did miss my night sleep :-s grrr. And the last days were energy consuming already. Singapore was fun to see. A little too hot and sticky for me, but I did like the shopping, sites and great food. Especially the Paradise Dynasty ! Incredible good food and great ambiance. We found it via an iPhone travel guide app, and when coming out of the restaurant they had an enormous queue of people waiting to get a seat. So we were not the only ones finding this place so cool. Dumplings are specialties here. sooo good. Whenever I will be back in singapore this is the place I at least will visit again. Unfortunately I was not able to meet up with my old buddy Egon. He was on holiday outside Singapore and when we started the holiday we had the Christchurch earthquake aftermath to worry about. Hopefully next time. The holiday was very busy. We have done and seen so much we need some time to recap all the extraordinary moments. We had some bad luck and a stressful time, the first time during a holiday I questioned when the real holiday would start. But we overcame the issues and had the privilege to do and see so much beautiful sites. Thanks to friendly people along the way, the beautiful nature and Sheila and I kept going. The magnificent and great adventure became a reality. Untamed wilderness, golden beaches, rocky beaches, rain forrest, dry grass land, dozens of waterfalls, lakes and rivers, ordinary sheep, extraordinary penguins or royal albatross and dolphins, sting rays, high speed jet-engine boat in canyon rivers, romantic boat in fjord of Milford Sound, picnic at sea-level at the beach or all alone at the top of a volcano with views like an eagle with only the sound of the wind… damn I already miss the lifestyle we had and that gorgeous nature. Good bye New Zealand. who knows we will meet again someday. At least I meet you in my videos, pictures and my mind. Cu all. Marcel/photokingh out.