maandag 31 augustus 2015

Rupsje nooit genoeg eet onze peren uit onze tuin!

We hebben een perenboom in de tuin en zijn er het hele jaar wel druk mee. Water geven, ontdoen van luizen, dode blaadjes weghalen etc. Allemaal wel milieuvriendelijk uiteraard. Geen gif dus. Nu de vogels behoorlijk in de peren aan het pikken waren dacht ik ik haal er een paar peren af. Om te kijken of ze rijp zijn. Of ze te eten zijn. Nou, te eten zijn ze zeker... maar niet door ons! Wespen en rupsen eten de peren op. Dus geen peren voor ons dit jaar.

Ach, de vele peren hebben ons wel geholpen bij het leren tellen van de kleine man. Die stapte afgelopen jaar meermaals de tuin in en begon de peren te tellen.  3, 7, 2, 1, 8, ... :-)

zondag 30 augustus 2015

How to get free apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod?

This blog is to provide tips how to get cool free apps for apple devices, even the Mac's and Android, but the focus is on the iOS devices. Lets dive straight into the first tips:

- My best and Favourite is AppZapPro. This is a very sophisticated application and community. You have for multiple platforms apps you can install :

What does AppZapPro do?

Notifications: Create Custom-, App- or Developer-Alerts to stay up2date about changes of your favourite Apps and Developers. This means, you can tag apps you want notifications of, to get alerts when there are new updates, price changes even when it becomes free. Also if you like a certain app developer, that makes a whole series of these kind of apps, you can simply select to get notifications of the developer. This helps to avoid the need of tagging every single app of that developer. (eg now you get an automatic update for all Disney apps, or all apps from the Dr. Panda series etc).
Usually when I discover a nice (free) app, I check what the developer created and subscribe when interesting.

Community: Get in touch with AppZapp user all over the world and talk about what you love: Apps for your device. Not mandatory, but in the community you can check user reviews and remarks. It helps decide to pursue a download or not. Or it has tips. (eg free app, but providing adds or in-app sales)

And more… : …such as App-Videos, User App Tips, App Collections for special needs by user. So next to pictures you frequently have, also video's showing the app in motion can be seen here, which helps decide.

There are more ways to get info and free apps. is one of the best sites for news, tips, reviews and daily a page with free apps. The daily page with description of the free apps is called iCulture Deals. An example you find here:
There are more (international)websites that have such topics frequently appearing. Usually the one that work best (for me) are the ones I visite anyway, because of the broader content.

Free App a day - Free Game of the Day - FreeAppMagic Daily - Appoday : Free App deal of the day - Free app finder - App van de Dag and the like... usually these apps notify you about 1 app per day that goes free. It can be a game, utility, etc. You can not tag/search specifics to your liking, its more of a daily gamble what comes up. So also daily popups/notification of stuff you do not want or like. 

- check the app store - I know it sounds too simple, but it works. Just check now and than the top free apps or games listed in the top charts. Many free stuff can be picked up, and as its in the top 10(or so), its almost always a good deal appearently, as you are not the first ;-)

- A general tip, when you follow these tips and download a lot, your space on your device might melt away quickly. With iOS devices it is easy to install and remove the app again at a later time. You can always download it again for free (as you have "purchased" it before already) when needed. I do this often for apps like travel guides. Free? Potential destination in the future? Download it for free and directly remove it again. You can even "buy" and download on the Mac and remove it, to later download it on a handheld device. Than when you do travel, check your purchased apps. :-)

Do you have tips for free and great apps? Leave a comment.
Below you see examples of screenshots from messages the applications provide, to inform you of updates, free apps, and also the TopCharts in the AppStore than you can manually check for goodies: