dinsdag 3 november 2009

Friday October 30 , Travel, Osaka, Kyoto

Its nice weather today, we hope next week it will continue like this in Kyoto. Sun, 23C.
Travel from Oita to Shin-Osaka, Kyoto.
In the train to Osaka, we meet real Europeans. Not that we spoke to them or anything, but it was a couple with 2 small children and they made a lot of noise. They even started a DVD movie for the children. The whole train was able to “enjoy” their noise. So blunt. To make it worse, the mom had real Japanese food, eating it, with her hands, dropping most of the food back in the box. I notice after 3 weeks being between respectful, thoughtful and polite Japanese you start to get irritated with this kind of rude behavior. Not sure what nationality they are, they speak French. So different when we had 60 school children in the train one week ago, they were silent. This little Western family of 4 makes more noise than 60 Japanese schoolchildren. I put the earplugs of my music a little deeper into my ears and continue writing my blog, while moving to Osaka with 300km/hour.
We arrive at the station, we need an other train for 5 minutes to go to ShinOsaka, where our hotel is. We store our luggage and walk(8 mins) back to the ShinOsaka station and set course to Osaka. The Osaka station is huge. The underground shopping area is even bigger. It seems they build a city in a city under a city... We walk towards the Floating Garden Observatory, where the Umeda Sky Building is located. Nice architecture and fine technology combined. We walk back to downtown Osaka, take the Osaka loop-train towards the Osaka Castle. Not to visit it, but to watch it from the park. Its already late, so we hope some lights beam it towards a nice photograph opportunity. Near the castle is also a large sport dome, where Apparently a concert (named “Calling”) of a famous rock band is going to take place. The area is crowded, especially with women taking pictures with their cellphones of the trucks outside. The park and castle are ok and we stroll back to the train. At the Osaka station we find a restaurant with a pile of unknown food, covered by a large egg. We gamble a bit, by ordering it. Under the egg is rice with tomato sauce and actually it tastes rather nice. We go back to the hotel.

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