dinsdag 3 november 2009

Sunday November 1, Osaka Aquarium

Rain, Rain, Rain
Osaka Aquarium
The expectations where bad for today and indeed its raining badly. We decide to go for the Osaka Aquarium. One of the largest in the world. Its rather busy, but after all its weekend, so many families are here too. But its not so crowded that you can not watch the many species they have here. Its a wonderful and very large complex and we enjoy it very much. The feeding of the great whales is done by a diver, and we can watch every bit of it behind the enormous large glass windows.
In Osaka we go hunt for food. In the large department store we buy all kind of small amounts of Japanese food, that we want to eat in our hotel. Shrimps, vegetables salad, fruit salad, rice rolled in egg, different sticks with meat. All appeared to be great stuff, except for one type of stick with meat. It appears to be liver, something we both do not like. But the rest compensates more than enough for this loss with food gambling ;-).

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