dinsdag 3 november 2009

Monday November 2, Rain thus Shopping :-)

Rain, wind and cold.
It indeed rains and there is a lot of wind, as we had seen on internet predicted. We set our plans accordingly already, so today became a shop-till-you-drop day. Rinky-town, only 1 station before the Kansai Airport and for us 1 hour from the hotel is our target. Its a big double layer shopping mall. Just as we are used to from our USA holidays, so we know how it works here ;-)
We shop a lot and find ourselves succeeding with sweaters, jacket, small gifts (chopsticks) etc. The weather is still very windy, although the rain has stopped. We eat excellent Chinese food with many small dishes. Including dumplings that have been steamed and than 1 side lightly grilled. Delicious!
We are surprised to see there are no elements attached to the products to prevent theft. There are also no alarm ports at the entrances. Apparently they trust the people here. In Europe, especially in the Netherlands, we have so many theft prevention measures (Camera's, alarm ports, inkt cartridges attached to clothing, security guards...). This shopping in Japan is so more relaxed! Finally you get a feeling people trust you and treat you as a customer, not as a thief.
Back at Osaka we search for the Starbucks, as this cold weather made us hungry for hot chocolate. But this underground shopping area is so enormously huge, we find ourselves lost a couple of times. When we get the map to look for where we are, we see a nice lady approaching offering us help. She even walks with us in the underground maze. After 30 minutes orso we found it and enjoy an extra large cup.
At the evening we chat with family and had a nice surprise as Tomo, our friend from Kanazawa, appears online on Skype. We have a chat and satisfied we end the long day.

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