maandag 28 februari 2011

Finally we rebooked the flight and have the camper now

Its late night, so not having energy nor the time to write a long story. But today we had arranged the flight change and after many hours and again disappointing services (or the lack of it) of Spaceships car rentals, we finally have our spaceship and the journey can begin tomorrow. Of course, there was again a setback… the week we did not have the camper… we have to pay anyway they said. As its related to a natural disaster, they leave all the risk with the customer. So much joy we get from these people… when back in NL, this for sure gets my focus again. First time in my life, I get tired, sad and stressed of a holiday. now first leaving this kind of shit behind and enjoy the real holiday stuff… ‘cause that is soooo much needed right now.

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