zondag 27 februari 2011

Little successes :-)

After a 35 mins call with an Indian call center of Singapore airlines, I was after many talks, explanations of the (earthquake)situation and repeats(due to the bad phone line) able to get our flights changed at no charge on March 31. Not to fly back from Auckland (which would cost us again 3 days and 1072 km of travel) but from Christchurch. A challenge completed with success, but after all I am working for a few years with India, so I was able to have a good call with the lady on the other side of the line. And I gave here a 5 out of 5 score in the survey I was asked to do. :-)

An other success was the fact that I discovered myself a kind of bug in the iPhone, that repeatedly is trying to sync data of my address book between iPhone and gmail on the web. While not having an internet connection, not getting error messages, the phone kept trying endlessly this was draining my battery every 6 hours or so. Now that I discovered this, I removed the gmail account on the iPhone that syncs with my address book. Now my iPhone lasts the good old standby time of some days, like in NL (where I do not have that problem, as I always have wifi or 3G).

One thing left, is to bring back the rental car and exchange it for the Spaceship campervan. Also arrange for the bill, as we payed for more days, than we now will actually have it. So I want a reduction. Not sure what can be done with the 1072 km and 3 days travel we had to do, to get this spaceship. Lets see later today.
PS The sunshine is replaced by rain at the moment, but my feeling is that our holiday is starting anyway…. we do not melt from rain. :-)

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