woensdag 23 februari 2011

Holiday still not really started yet…

23 Feb 2011

I am not allowed to complain, compared what the people in NZ are going through, so I don’t. Fact is that our travel plans are messed up badly now too. First we were stuck at Singapore Airport, not able to do anything as we had to stay close to the flight information sources. In the meantime we tried to get contact and information of WorldTicketService and Spaceship, but they were unable to provide information, so we had to stay with the Singapore Airlines information and plans.

They flew us to Christchurch, with a stop at Auckland, but we were not able to get off at Auckland. While in the plane in Auckland we used the roaming option on our phone to connect to email, at 10 Euro / Mb. The email we received was not good. Spaceship depot was crushed and so were the campervans. Also nobody was going to Christchurch anymore, so no vans were returned either. With this information we rather got off the plane, but were not allowed to, so flew to Christchurch knowing we had no transportation, no place to sleep and no back up plans.

The arrival was smooth, nice weather here. At the airport we phoned a lot with spaceship, who tried to help us with alternatives, which were minimal. Expensive flights back to Auckland, rental cars, pick up spaceship vans in Auckland after a day or 3, bottom line in Christchurch nothing was possible.

At the moment of writing, we are waiting for more news on the possibilities for us with spaceship trying to get a flight and rental car to/on North Island where we than would have 3 days to drive the car back, do sight seeing and pick up the campervan, to really start our holiday. Until than, even after 4 days travelling, it has not really started yet. I keep thinking, for us its just bad luck and inconvenience, for the people here who lost people, its a disaster.

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