zondag 14 september 2008

20080906 Zaandam

20080906 Zaandam

I woke up very early this morning and I continued packing and checking our luggage. We drove to my brother, who we rang out of bed. At the airport both suite cases were with 21Kg just below the allowed 23 Kg. The self service on the internet safed us a lot of standing in the cue time.
The flight itself was very good, also the food and movies were Ok.
The last 30 minutes were unpleasant due to the fact we were flying through the remains of Tropical Storm Hanna. So we had a lot of turbulence and many people turned white and were throwing up. The landing was on a very wet track and much moist was flying around when the engine reversed to brake. But we made it.
It took a very long time before the luggage arrived, but at the customs we needed less time than last years.
At Herz there were problems. First we were picked out of the cue, as we had to use self-service machines. After being almost at the end of the process it stopped. At the counter the problem was determined that our prepraid order was not in the systems. A big problem, that the Herz employees had seen a couple of times. It took about 60 minutes before the broblem was found, phoned with Hertz headquarters,Visa and manually re-ordered again. After some negotiations I was able to get from a 100% fill the gass, to return the car with just 1/8 full. And they picked up the car for us, so we did not have to search it.
I do not know what is wrong with these rental car companies... 2 years back Budget in San Fransisco had an odd parking lot at a Hotel, where we had to pickup our car, and after 2 hours of phoning and fake promises they did not show up.
Last year our Expedia order with all inclusive with Avis, appeared to be wit out ensurances so 35% extra had to be paid all of a sudden.
And now this bs with Herz...

Anyway in 45 minutes we were at the suites and were helped very friendly. The rooms were big and very nice. We fell asleep arround 20:00 and slept until 6:00.

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