dinsdag 23 september 2008

20080920 Green and White Mountains

20080920 Green and White Mountains

Saturday, Sunny, 65F

We wake up in the Green Mountains National Forest Campground. It was very cold tonight, almost freezing, but the tent and especially the new sleepingbags resisted the cold.
We drive via scenic routes to the I91 Northbound. At a lake, in the warm sun, we have a picknick and set the new destination to Lincoln.
When we arrived there we bumped into a KOA sign, that we followed. At 15:00 we register and setup our tent. In Lincoln we go to the visitorscenter and collect folders and maps. The man at the office gives hints and tips regarding Washington Mountain, the top you can by car or a $65 mountaintrain ride, and shows us the way to a supermarket.
We buy bread, drinks, etc and bump into a Chinese restaurant, were we eat very nice Chicken sweet and sour and a Chicken with Brocoli. Stuffed we set home and put the 2 weeks old laundry in the laundrymachines, that this KOA has available.
After the laundry was dried, we walked back in the dark night. Fair skies revealed thousands of stars, I even watched a while and saw about 5 satellites come over.
After sending Ilja a SMS to celebrate her birthday, we fel asleep.

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