dinsdag 23 september 2008

20080918 Adirondack Park

20080918 Adirondack Park

Thursday, Partly cloudy with sunshine, Chilly/breeze. At the campground at 8th lake.

We wake up in the tent, with squirls, who are calling each other in the morning. First we walk to the office and register and pay the $22 fee for camping here.
We use a quarter to have our 5 minute warm showers.
A bit cold outside, as we are in the shadow of the forest, we improvise our own breakfast(yogurt & cereals) and hit the road.
We drive in the middle of the mountains, forest and lakes. Some trees start to change color. Near a lake we picknick, but its rather chilly due to the strong breeze, so we do not take long and continued our drive.
Near lake placid we drive towards the Olympic ski and bobslet facilities. Fun to see, unfortunately the bobslet is $65 and next to this high fee, also closed for today.
We set course to travel up the mountain (+/- 2000m). The $14 fee seems a bit much, but we do not want to drive all the way to here and not reaching the top. Although not so very high, the clear sky provides an excellent 360 panorama. Through the binoculars we see the Olympic Bobslet facilities in the mountains. Also some of the roads we drove, are very visable from this top of the mountain, White Face Mountain.
We meet some friendly people and have a chat. The road closes at 16:30, so we gear down and decent the whole way back.
We set course for a trip of a few hours to the South, Ruthland in Vermont appeared to be feasible to mark as a destination that evening.
Very healthy(not) but functional(stuffing yourself), we eat at McDonald some Quarterpounder, bigMac combo and a Ceasar salade.
In the dark(+/-22:00) we arrived at Ruthland, a very crowded Comfort Inn. The low coupon rate of $45 is, for the first time this holiday, unavailable, but for $55 we are more than happy to stay the night in 2 queen size beds.
The weather forcast shows low temperatures but clear and sunny skies. Perfect for our journey.

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