donderdag 25 september 2008

20080923 Acadia

20080923 Acadia

Blue skyline, 65F, no wind.

In Augusta we wake up and take a nice warm shower. We searched and found a Denny's to have a big breakfast, that later resulted in not needing lunch anymore.
The 3 hour drive to Acadia is easy and during the drive we see many trees changed colors. Especially red seems to be the first color to appear in autumn.
We reach Acadia and see the first islands and ocean waters appear. Nice views. We go to the visitorscenter for advice, maps and to pay the $20 for an entrance pass(valid for 7 days).
$20 is also payed for the blackwood campground. Arround 15:00 the tent is all set and we drive the roundway and climb to the top. Beautiful vis on the many islands and ocean.
In Bar Harbor we walk in the centre to the little shops and have good pizzas with a salade. In the dark we drive back and take a sleep. Also here, we see many stars in the clear sky.

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