donderdag 25 september 2008

20080924 Acadia

20080924 Acadia

Blue skyline, 69F (later we saw 21C), Sun.

We wake up in the middle of the forest in Acadia National Park. Squirls are collecting their food and climbing the trees. It did not became very cold last night, which was nice in the tent. Also having breakfast outside is no problem. We even are able to pick up some sunshine through the trees.
There are no showers so washing and brushing teeth doesn't take long.
We decided to complete the rest of the loop road and stop at the parkings/sightseeingsides.
The plan of the day is to be arround 13:00 at the otherside of the Island, near Wonder Land / Harbor Trail, as that is a place and time low tide leaves tide pools, that might have some interesting creatures.
The first stop is the beach and it is beautiful. We walked along the coastline and I discovered a bit higher onshore a lake with reflections of the trees and mountains. Photo-time :-)
Otter view point provides great views on ocean, islands, rocks and ships, but no otters.
The thunder rock (need to find on the map the correct name), is a split between the rocks where, with high tides, the waves under the rocks pressures the air and bake a sound of thunder. But it is getting low tides, so we can view the place, but no sound show from mother nature for us at the moment. And as high tide is arround 19:30, we will be driving south already.
We walk the trail towards the rocks of the coast, where a ranger and a camera-man are searching animals in the tides-pools. The will use it later to present it to a couple of kids, appearently a ranger program takes place. Lucky for us, because they put the animals back and we are able to make pictures.
The search and walks, with the sun, makes me sweat and thus aware I need to drink more. But later I discovered it was too late and I got a headacke already.
We drive at the south west side to go back to the only bridge connecting the Island with land, but we did not like that specific road, as there are no nice panoramas anymore. As soon as we see a road crossing to the otherside of the island, we take it. It is unpaved, so it provides some extras to our 4 wheeldrive on this bumpy and dusty road ;-)
We drive on highway 1 to the south and after declining an hotel of $102, we find also, for us, an expensive motel of $65, but take it anyway as we need some rest.

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