dinsdag 23 september 2008

20080917 Cruising towards the lakes

20080917 Cruising towards the lakes

Sunny and chilly

The breakfast was typical for the price rate, muffin and limonade.
Today we would do a lot of traveling, as we would have to cross a big way east.
More than 300-400 miles we drove today.
Partly on interstate/highway, but most on single line routes crossing the country. Beautiful sights while nearing the area with many lakes. Name of this region is Adirondack Park.
Our aim was to find a campground and setup our tent, for the first time this holiday.
It was getting late and very dark, but we finally reached our destination. At the campground at 8th lake. Too late to check in, as the office was already closed. But we were allowed to find a spot and than we register early morning.
After setting up the tent, we drove a couple of miles back to find a place to have dinner. We were one of the last 2 tables still eating, but the pasta brocoli with garlic sauce and shrimps was excellent.

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