dinsdag 23 september 2008

20080919 Vermont covered bridges

20080919 Vermont covered bridges

Friday, sunny, blue sky, first night/morning frost, chilly. Ruthland, VT.

At Comfort Inn we took a nice hot shower and had a firm breakfast with hot waffles, toasted baggles, cornflakes, yogurt, tea and orange juice.
We checked out and went hunting for the covered bridges, but they appearently were hard to find. We went to an unmanned visitors office and grabbed some maps, where the covered bridges were marked on the maps, with exact street positions. I entered the 8 locations in my GPS navigation and now we easily found these interesting buildings in the beautiful countryside.
Under one of the bridges we could easily have a picknick near the water and nicely sit in the sun.
We drove some more scenic driveways and enjoyed the weather and views.
Arround 17:00 we arrived at the Jamaica Statepark, picked a spot, registered and in 10 minutes settled our campsite.
After a tip of the friendly statepark lady, we had for only $28 a very nice and large dinner (drink, salade, main course and apple pie dessert), at Dam Dinner, near highway 30.
We were back arround 20:00 and read and wrote a bit in the tent before calling it a (chilly)night.

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