zaterdag 24 oktober 2009

Respectfull clean.

Interesting to see how clean everything is. Streets, stations, houses, hotels, shops, hicking trails, mountain tops etc. Parkingspots are cleaned, even tissues are given at game shops to clean te machines you play on, every meal you get cleaning tissues in a restaurant or even warm towels to clean your hands. Taxi drivers, when waiting on customers , just like our shuttle bus driver, have a towel in the vehicle and remove the dust from the cars. Sofar in more than 2 weeks, many cities, trains, buses etc, I have seen 1 wall with 1 graffitti on it. I bet it will be removed soon. The Japanese show it is possible to have a people in a country respect their environment. Ah, one more example... In the castle we visited, you need to take of your shoes. You get a plastic bag for it, so you can carry it. At the end of the route, you put the plastic bag in a box. Arround the next corner, 2 ladies are folding the bags in a way they can be re-used and are given to the new visitors. Thats an example of clean, thoughtfull and recycling! Respect. Marcel san.
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