maandag 26 oktober 2009

Sunday October 25, Hiroshima travel to Nagasaki.

Sunday October 25
Clouded, 18 C, no wind. Nagasaki all day rain. Very wet.
Hiroshima travel to Nagasaki.
From Hiroshima we travel to an other world famous city of Japan, Nagasaki. 3 Trains we need for this trip to the island. Arriving at the station we feel some drizzle, but it switches to plain rain somewhat later. We leave our luggage at the hotel (only 8 minutes from the station). We go to the spectacles bridge, where it starts to rain harder. We buy an umbrella. But when we both are on 1 side drained of the rain, we understand we need a second umbrella, so later we buy an other one. During this rain we walk a lot, to see the Dutch Slope and old Western houses. But when our shoes and socks are becoming wet and cold, we call it a day and go back to the Hotel. We turn on the eee PC where a divx movie of Ice Age amuses us for about 1,5 hour. By than its time to head back to the station, where the large shopping site is, with... a food court and a super market. As we had eaten in the food court in the afternoon already (even purple octopus, which I did not put on my top ten for next time), we decided to buy some fruit, instant noodles, salad and some more in the supermarket. In our hotel we prepared (boiling water, put it in the can and eat) the food. During the eating my mom and dad come online on Skype. So they enjoyed themselves watching live how we eat the noodles with chopsticks and in the meantime tried to explain we were fine and having a great time in Japan. Updating some of the journal and blog killed some more time and we went to sleep.
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