vrijdag 16 oktober 2009

Thursday October 15 2009, Tokyo

Thursday October 15 2009
Sunny clear skies 25C.
Again a clear blue sky and nice temperature. We go today to the Meiji
Gardens and Temple. A nice and big park, right in the middle of Tokyo.
Beautiful buildings and we are lucky as we bump for the second time
this week into a traditional Japanese wedding. Nice photograph
opportunity. There are also some very little children with the family
in traditional Japanese clothing. I offer to take some pictures of
them with their camera and in return I am allowed to make some
pictures with my camera too. Fair trade I would call it ;-) On the
other side of the railway is a famous street to see, Takeshita Street.

Takeshita Street
A street with a big sign above it, where my bad humorous thinking goes
;" They are bad in English spelling, it should be Take a Shit Street".
Never mind, a dirty mind is a joy for ever my grandmother used to say.
The street in fact is great. Lots of shops and little places to grab
a snack or drink. We roam around and watch a lot of the interesting
types of young people walking here. Its famous for the more
extravagant looks of the folks over here, and its correct. Some, to
us, weird looking girls all dressed with fake hair and wearing dresses
like dolls. Only around 15 years old or so. Some of the boys also are
dressed up, and the interesting part I think is, that no matter how
weird or extravagant, nobody is watching or starring at each other. We
enter a food court and take some typical Japanese style food,
excellent again. We decided to try another attempt to enter the
Imperial East Gardens, if they are open.

Imperial East Gardens.
As we had tried for 2 other days already to enter the garden, this
would be our last chance and attempt to enter it. The first time we
were there on Friday, a day they are closed, as the signs said. On
Monday they also close, so the second attempt we did on a Tuesday. But
the Tuesday we tried, they were closed. Monday was a holiday, so for
this special occasion they opened the park and closed it on Tuesday.
Great. This third time they were finally open.
The gardens are very nice, although not much flowers at this time of
the year. The place is neat and clean, managed by all the workers in
the garden. The grass seems more like carpet than actual living
organism. The stone walls surrounding the palace have been
repositioned to prevent it from more damage by time. I noticed some
big colored spiders which I wanted to capture with macro photography.
Sheila did not want to stay or see it, hehe, so I did it myself ;-)
The trip back is quite crowded and back at the hotel we both are
exhausted. I guess having the flu for 1.5 weeks, visiting Tokyo for a
week, walking all day and having 38 million people around you might
get you somewhat tired ;-).
We take some food from the supermarket and plan some more for the next
week. We bump into the fact that when we wanted to be in Kyoto there
is the biggest festival of the year. Although interesting to see, we
feel we might be too late to plan our 1 week hotel there. Browsing the
internet confirms all hotels are full, so we decide to switch plans
and have Kyoto at the end of the holiday.

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