dinsdag 6 oktober 2009

Ready 4 Japan!

Bought some new gear for the holiday.... the ASUS eee PC, 1005HA Black to be precise. I read that most people in Japan, had difficulty connecting with WiFi on their iPhone, as... well... Japan does not have that much WiFi.
Due to small rooms, people are all together for computing and the Edge / 3G technology is widely spread, so Japan did not need so much WiFi in cafe's and/hotels etc. With that, it would mean we would not be able to book our next hotels, so I thought I buy a small eee PC that can connect with a cable in the Hotel when needed.
Next to that, I have than also a backup device for all my photos I take and a easy device to blog for the family. In addition, we can use Skype when connected, to call or even webcam to home. Last but not least, its also just plain fun and a cool gadget :-) eg... DIVX are copied and ready to view in the plane or where ever we go. :-) with a battery lasting 8 hours, its easy to kill some time. We did check in today via the internet, but found ourselves spread over the plane. :-( There were no seats next to each other any more, so for next time we need to make reservations sooner. For the plane back, we just now did.... I did not know you were able to tell what seats you want, 90 days before the flight?!? Nobody told us, we always thought 30 hours before departure you can check in, and that's it.
Anyway, in the plane we need to see if we can negotiate with someone else to swap places. And otherwise we just have to accept it, the next month we are together anyway ;-) Now we first need to pack our backbags to a max of 10kilo to be really ready. cu Marcel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Marcel de Koningh Photo KingH LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/in/marceldekoningh Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/marcel.de.koningh Photos : http://picasaweb.google.com/photokingh Blog : http://photokingh.blogspot.com/ Hyves : http://kingh.hyves.nl/ email : mailto:photokingh@gmail.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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