vrijdag 16 oktober 2009

Tuesday October 13 2009 Tokyo

Tuesday October 13 2009
Sunny clear skies 25C.
We had our delicious white bread with ham and orange juice. We fetched
some sandwiches for the lunch and headed to the center. No shuttle
this time, it had stopped operating already, as we slept in until 10am
this morning, due to the bad sleep last night. Lot of coughing due to
the flu symptoms.
We went to the fish market, by train and subway. Due to the warnings
on the website, that tourists are not that welcome in the morning, we
agreed to skip the morning part and only visit the area and little
shops and restaurants. The park next to it requested entrance fees and
we only wanted to go there to have some lunch, so we skipped it. The
expensive shopping streets were great and we visited quite some
department stores. Interesting thing I noticed while roaming around,
were the many rice cookers and ovens they sell here. The audio, video
and computer equipment is also fun to watch. Japan is more expensive
compared to the Dutch prices and the electronics is not always
suitable for 230V or European standards, so it stayed to window
shopping only. The excellent weather still made it an enjoyable day.
The Sony building was fun to go in. Checking out all the latest from
Sony, even products that are not in stores yet. 650 grams laptops,
paper thin TV, new headsets etc. Really all Toys for boys.
As we were close to the Imperial East Gardens, we thought to go there.
We first had a pick nick before entering the park, but arriving for
the second time to closed fences. We decided to go back to the Hotel,
it was 15:30 anyway. We went out for dinner, at the Shinjuku station
in one of the food courts of the department stores. We had real
Japanese orders with fried food (shrimps, pork, etc) excellent food.
We had a friendly and English speaking waitress. She helped us order
and explain the food. Many dishes we received and we were able to
watch others, what they all did with this plates and cups.
After the dinner we went to some shops and bought breakfast and lunch
for the next day, due to trip by train on Wednesday, we would not have
time to do that in the morning.
On the street I noticed some interesting stuff: double traffic lights
due to bad sight on bridge. Everything for safety. Car Lights dimmed
when you are the first car waiting on green light on crossing, so you
do not blind people on the other side of the street.

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