donderdag 15 oktober 2009

Trains with balls!

Shinkansen is the name of the ultra speed trains in Japan. We experienced these speed devils, both standing next to the track and passing by as well as in the train itself to our destinations. Incredible sleek design, it seems fast from the looks at it already. But if these babys get up to speed, hehe :-) The comfort is also remarkable, lots of leg space, all chairs are facing the front of the train, so never driving backwards. The seats are lined up with 2 and 3 chairs, and they can put back (just like in planes) so you can really relax... or take a "quick" nap of over 300 km an hour. And the Japanese timing precission is standard on these trains too. Not a second too late. Travelling in it, watching it or putting it on photo its all fun to me. I love these trains with speed. The last picture shows their feeling of timing, which they never seem to loose. Interesting is also the way they seem to wave or make gestures with their arms, while checking procedures or something. I haven't discovered yet what they are doing, but have seen it a couple of times. Also with a normal train and even with the cable car train we took in the Japanese Alps yesterday. Greetings, Marcel View Marcel De Koningh's profile on LinkedIn
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