maandag 26 oktober 2009

Wednesday 21 October,

Wednesday October 21 Kanasawa Blue sky and sun, 23 C. Kenroku-en, Large garden Its a beautiful day to watch the large garden. One of the top 3 gardens in Japan, build in the 17th century. A Chinese style garden with the 6 elements (flowing water, space, cover, genius, views and old elements). Its a large and gorgeous garden indeed and very relaxing. The large groups you need to avoid, they can be quite disturbing. I spotted during our walk 3 different species of large butterflies. One is so big, its almost if you see two hands flying in the air.HigashiThis is a former Geisha districts and has some old houses and streets of those times. In one of the shops you can see the famous gold plated walls. Its a very nice neighborhood. The many many temples spread here in this area are too far apart from each other and after the many great temples and shrines of the past weeks, we are not going to walk to all of those. We head back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and the train for the trip to the biggest castle in Japan, Himeji. Travel to Himeji The trip is during the day, so we can now also watch the environment we are traveling in. We will meet many tunnels, as going through mountains is the way the Japanese build their railway. At one station, many school children are also waiting for the Shinkansen. We almost thought we would be too late to enter the train if we had to wait for this large crowd, but thats because we are used to the system less approach in the Netherlands ;-) Here, the teachers split them in 2 groups and than lined them up with 3 in a row. When the doors of the train open, all stand still and wait for the instructions. Than 1 line at a time run organized and silent into the train and take their seats. All about 60 children are very efficient and swift in the train before you know it. We have plenty of time ourselves to find our reservation seats too. Luckily we had a reservation this time, because with these children, the train is 100% full.Arriving in Himeji we check in and go to the center to find us a restaurant. It come to our attention, that the further away of Tokyo the less English menus, signs and the like you find here. We eat Asian style in restaurant Len. Excellent food! Funny, we picked our menus from some blurry pictures on the menu. One menu was only a salad (very good though, but we did not expect it) and the other one was Nasi Goreng, but than Japanese style. We had a great dinner and an excellent day again. Greetings, Marcel
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