vrijdag 9 oktober 2009

Thursday October 8, Tokyo, Shinjuku, Japan

Thursday October 8
Tokyo, Shinjuku, Japan
25 Sunny strong wind (cycloon)
(9:45) We pass customs etc and with all our gear we had to the trains, where we find out they do not operate today due to the cyclone. So we buy tickets for the bus (6000 Yen for 2) and line up near the efficient people from the Friendly Bus Line.
These people here rock if you talk about service. Every bus goes right on schedule, all people on board, luggage in the bus and no errors or angry faces. Its in their blood you would think, even the people putting the bags in watch the clock every few minutes to make sure their work is done and the bus can leave JIT (11:10 as the schedule had requested). The lady coordinating all of this, bows to us and the bus when we drive away. In the mean time a policeman grabs some trash from the street and puts it in the trash bin. Wow.
The trip to Tokyo is a little more than 1 hour and enough to make me take a nap again. At the station of Shinjuku we drop off. Sheila saw in the corner of her eyes the Shinjuku New City Hotel a few minutes back in the bus,so we had a rough feeling where to walk to. And we indeed were able to walk straight back to the suspected place and are around 13:30 at the hotel. Check in is at 15:00 but our room is ready and we can hop in. We take a little nap, check if our phones work (they do) and sent some “we are fine”-like messages to the family. After the naps (we needed that as we basically lost our Dutch Night, so had almost no sleep) we take the free shuttle to the center (Shinjuku station is destination and only a few minutes by this shuttle) and roam around in Down Town Tokyo. Its crowded, but not overwhelming / chaotic and we feel comfortable here. Also the 25 degrees and wind make it very nice to walk and checkout the shops. We eat and are surprised to see so many people putting their bags or even running laptops on the chair or table to “reserve” their seats, and than walk away to the counter or even toilets. Their belongings unattended, apparently people do not steel from each other like in other (or my) country. We walk around some more, but are rather tired and go to bed at 21:30.
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