woensdag 9 maart 2011

Bye North, Hello South!

10 March

Alarm went off early today, making sure we were catching the ferry to the South Island. So we say good bye to the North Island. The north where our real holiday started by arriving at Jolyon’s place(again thanks mate, really appreciated we were welcome), picking up the rental van in Auckland, went to the most northern point of New Zealand, felt and smelt the heat and gas of volcanic active areas, put our feet in hot water beach, slept between a million mosquitoes, burn in the sun, saw 75% of the months average rain fell down in three days (including inside the tent), repaired the poor maintenance on the spaceship battery, camped in the middle of the forest, walked around the volcanoes where Lord of the Rings was recorded(Mount Doom and Mordor) and so much more. Quite a privilege to experience all of this on this adventure.

Currently writing this blog, while on the ferry. In a little over three hours we arrive in Pickton. From there we will travel by car to Nelson. I will use these hours to write the blogs of the other days, of the past weeks. Did not have time, was too busy during my holiday :-) Cheers.

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