donderdag 24 maart 2011

Mount cook, glaciers and lakes

22 march we went to mount cook, the second time this holiday, but now approaching from the south east. This mount cook highway is driving straight at it. What a magnificent mountain. What a road. Wow! Superb! And this time we were lucky having the sun shine right at the mountain and it's glaciers. We did a small hike of 1 hour to view the blue lakes(which appeared to be green to me), but so super cool to see the lake, glacier and big chunks of ice floating in the lake. Well worth the climb. We set course for the next big lake to drive to and camp. (at the time of writing I forgot the name and could not switch apps without loosing the current text). In the evening we have dinner in,according to lonely planet and now also according to us, one of the best Japanese dinners in NZ. Mount Cook salmon farmed right at the corner, so fresher fish you almost can not get. It was goooood! 23 march we do not drive away right after breakfast, but go to the hot pools and spa to relax in the warm mineral water in the sun. In the forrest on a hill, with view on the lake and mountains. I know worse places to spent your time ;-) After two hours we are relaxed and clean. :-) buying at the bakery some fine food and enjoying it near the blue lake in the sun. After watching the scenery for some hours including the most photographed church of new Zealand, we set off in the afternoon further north and to the inland. Highway 72. After going into the inland roads, I never had so much road without curves. The record of the day was 15 mins at 100km/hour and not one turn, curve/bend/twist or other car. Arthurs pass we wanna drive tomorrow, back in the mountains again. whoopie!

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