zondag 20 maart 2011

Dunedin with rain. Mike birthday!

Today we wake up with drizzle and many clouds. So the sun was not able to stay after a successfully comeback yesterday afternoon, which was right in time to see the great royal albatross. What a width of wings those creatures have. Let's hope that in the 500 pictures shot at least one passes the quality checks ;-) We also went into the Dunedin city center for some shopping. It's a nice city with lots of shops. Here in NZ it's now 21 march, so the birthday of my brother Michael. I congratulated him at noon last night already with a SMS, which is funny as it than was still 20 march in the Netherlands. Today we go again to the center of Dunedin to visit the Cadbury Chocolate Factory with a tour. Funny in Japan we went to Mazda and now we again have an opportunity to see a factory operating in real time. Only this time we are getting samples of the products ;-) After this 75mins tour we will be heading North, Moeraki Bolders. Close to Oamaru. Also some seals might be viewable there, although we already saw many, it keeps fun to watch them. But first we go to the chocolates and will buy something to eat with our tea to celebrate my brothers birthday. Just like we did a few days ago on my mothers birthday. :-) see ya!

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