zondag 20 maart 2011

PhotoKingh is in Queenstown

Today we arrived in Queenstown. The weather is great with blue skies. As you noticed we found some wifi spot to sync our blog and check emails. Have fun and greetings from Marcel and Sheila. Ps mum has birthday the 17th, here in NZ that means almost half a day earlier we can celebrate that already. :-) We will buy something sweet for with the tea here! Happy birthday mom!!! We first went to Arrow Town. A small town with some old wooden buildings and some of the old settlements of the Chinese, when they came digging for gold. While driving to Queenstown we drove past the jettop boats attraction. This super fast boats racing between the canyon in the river. We went in for an half hour action trip, so cool!!! At queenstown we sat at Starbucks for a hot chocolate and a cinnamon role.

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