maandag 7 maart 2011

Tongariro National Park

8 March 2011

After a very cold evening, we had breakfast with the best view so far. We were looking straight at the Mount Ruapehu, of of the three mountains/volcanoes here. Its here also where part of Lord of the Rings was recorded, Mount Doom its called in the movie. Its also the starting point of the Pacific Ring of Fire.

We set off to have a 3 hour walk across this beautiful scenery. A great walk, with nice sunny weather and great views on this big giants. The path we followed, was leading to an awesome waterfall dropping 20 meters of a cliff. We had a little picnic at this great site.

After the walk, we went up the mountain by car via the one road to Whakapapa Village. Its where the rough terrain inspired the director of LotR to shoot the Mordor scenes. All red and black lava and very rough terrain. After this we set off for a long drive to Wellington, and would see how far we were able to travel today. We ended up in Levin where we found a very nice, clean campsite. The nearest supermarket provided us with a nice steak and mushrooms, so dinner was easy arranged in the kitchen too. We bought some internet/wifi hours, so we could arrange an hotel and the ferry in Wellington. All from the laptop, wireless in the car on the campsite. Watching a piece of Lord of the Rings on the car DVD player and going to bed.Funny, that was much different a few years ago with camping. ;-)

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