dinsdag 29 maart 2011

How was your weekend?

Saturday morning Breakfast outside in the sun, shopping and buying cool shirts and sweaters, hours of Spa&hot pools, lunch in restaurant, dinner too, being 1 of 4 on a campsite in the middle of a forrest, skyped with mum and dad, skyped with father of sheila, got email of friend in japan she is OK, killed 20 sand flies, sunday driving between mountains, Forrest,next to the sea, seeing more red with white dots mushrooms(?) than ever before, watch cross motorbike race in the mountains, encounter with blue eyed penguin even touching one, filming fighting sea lions(waterproof street dogs), see groups of dolphins, walk a trail on the cliffs of Kaikoura, end up at a camping with again hot tubs, to close the sunny Sunday with see and hear tents blown away and smack agains our car in a sudden storm that dropped "out of the high mountains" glad our car was only shaking, not flying. So, we had a great weekend that we will remember for a long time, how was your weekend? :-)))

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