vrijdag 25 maart 2011

@Hanmer Spring. Did the Lewis Pass today.

25 March 2011.

Less than a week left, here in NZ, before we fly back to Singapore. Today we went into town Greymouth, as said earlier, when we had Library Wifi access.

We had clear skies today, great for the drive from West to East, via the beautiful Lewis Pass between and over the mountains. Had a sunny picnic at the river somewhere along the road. In Hanmer Spring we ate at “Robbie’s” cafe, just because we know a Robert at home :-) and the menu / food was good too!

We have wifi via the library again. Seems they opened up wifi for free, because of the quake, so people can get in contact with each other.

We were partly able to skype with ilja, just to say hello. But line dropped frequently. Anyway, tomorrow we are going to the hot pools and spa! Relaxing! Maybe we might watch whales and dolphins later in Kaikoura, before we go south to Christchurch and Banks of Peninsula and spent the last days of the holiday.

Today we were in an i-Site information desk, with brochures and booklets of hotels in Christchurch, many of them had stickers on it “Closed due to Earthquake.” Some of those things you will only notice, when you are getting closer to that town.

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  1. Hi, if you get a chance to go snorkling with the dolphins, go for it. They are in the wild here, you're in their environment and they can choose to swim away, but if they don't it's a lifetime experience. (Dofinarium wil never be the same.)
    Enjoy, Anton