vrijdag 11 maart 2011

Earthquake Japan… Tsunami warning at our campsite

11 March 2011 22:00, Abel Tasman Park, NZ South Island

This is not a normal blog, its a blog because we can not sleep. We just watched some comedy series on the laptop, and were starting to prepare to go for bed. When we heard a motorbike (later I understood it was the park ranger on a quad motor bike) and a lot of talking. Than the bike approached our place, it was already black dark outside, so we wondered what was going on. I thought, checking if we paid for the campground. But no, it was the park ranger on duty, coming to inform us, to be prepared to evacuate later tonight, when needed, as a massive 8.4 earthquake shook Japan this evening. The whole pacific was alarmed of a potential Tsunami. Later tonight, we would get more info, if it was really the case, approximately between 02:00 and 04:00 am tonight. In that case we would need to get in the campervan and drive up the main road as high as we can.

So you understand, that while we planned to start sleeping, we are now fully awake. In fact, we started to unwrap and put aside the tent, table and chairs, even put the keys in the car, so we could run away in case its needed. Whow… this New Zealand trip was planned as an adventure, but these past weeks beat all expectations…. a bit too much I am telling’ya!

I asked the guy, how bad it was… He told us it was the heaviest one Japan had seen. He mentioned the first news was about destruction to buildings. A little more than a year ago, we were in that area on a holiday and made some friends and have Japan in our hearts. So this news also hits us in that respect. I hope its not too bad for them, but 8.4 o my, Christchurch was bad, and that was a lower power earthquake compared to this one.

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